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8 Simple Ways Teams Thrive in Rapid Change

So much has changed so fast with work teams!

How can we bridge generational differences?
How might we reduce quiet quitting?

How do you elevate your teams and build high trust, engagement, and coordination in a seemingly unrelenting marketplace of change?

This is what Team Amplifiers are all about!

What Can Team Amplifiers Do for Your Teams?

The 8 Team Amplifiers are quick, easy to use practices that help:

  • Increase trust, engagement, and coordination
  • Align people to the shared objectives
  • Make meetings and work more meaningful and on-point
  • Produce outcomes that build progress
  • Promote innovation and forward thinking
  • Elevate culture

And, of course, align your existing teams and inbound new hires to thrive together!

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Online Course + Book

Each team member gets access to interactive and engaging training online as well as a 50+ page book.


Speaking Events

Virtual or in-person kick-off sessions and interactive "office hours" with Eric.

Concise Design

  • Online course is less than 90 minutes total to minimize time away from work
  • Each Amplifier module is only 5-10 minutes to fit into busy schedules
  • 24-7 anytime access to online training
  • Book included as an offline reference guide

Engaging Modules

  • Unique visual storytelling & relatable examples
  • Worksheets & guides
  • Company-exclusive online interactive communities

Accessible Practices

  • Works in all types of industries
  • Works in all levels of the organization
  • Easy to use, easy to scale, easy to sustain

Impactful Add-On Speaking Engagements

  • Have Eric lead a live virtual or in-person kick-off to inspire and align your teams
  • Have Eric lead a live virtual or in-person workshop so your teams roll up their sleeves
  • Have Eric lead live virtual office hours for your teams’ specific questions

What business leaders and teams are saying...

Want a Sample? Watch one of the Team Amplifiers!

Eric McDermott

About Eric McDermott

TikTok Influencer, Best-selling Author, and Leader Across Three Enterprises

By day, Eric is an equity partner at a financial services firm with more than 60,000 clients. But behind the suit, in his other company, Eric is a social media influencer, best-selling author, speaker, and course creator. His unique brand of visual storytelling has amassed him hundreds of thousands of followers. Eric leads teams across three enterprises and draws upon 25 years of entrepreneurship, team leadership, innovation, enterprise marketing, and new initiatives.


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* If you order a bundle that includes one or more in-person speaking events, the User is responsible for the additive costs or expenditures for physical travel required to fulfill. The costs may include domestic coach airfare on a major airline, international business-class airfare on a major airline, mileage allowance for driving (equivalent to the IRS reimbursement rate), and reasonable lodging for any overnight/red-eye stays (at a brand name hotel rated at 3.5 or better out of 5), and a per diem of $100/day for meals.

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